Our Strategy

NetZero Waste has focused its operational strategy around the Gore Cover System which is based on a membrane laminate technology similar to that of the Gore-Tex fabrics used for outerwear and footwear. Installed in more than 150 plants in 26 countries world wide, the benefits of the Gore Cover System include odor reduction of 90-97%; Bio-aerosol Emissions reduction of greater than 99 percent; less than 1 KWH/ton Energy Requirement and a three square feet/ton space requirement.

Proven Results:

The Gore Cover System results in more than a 97% reduction in odour concentrations without the need for bio-filters or expensive facility exhaust fans.

Due to the optimized biological process under the Gore Cover, accelerated High Rate Composting occurs resulting in much higher facility throughput. (400% higher than conventional windrow or up to 9 Tonne/m2 per year)



97 odour.png