Omri Listed Class A Compost Now Available

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If you’re looking for truly sustainable, organic compost, you’ve come to the right place! Our premium Boost™ compost soil amender is a very dynamic and versatile product. This nutrient-rich compost is widely used to increase the organic matter and both micro and macro nutrients in existing soils, and sand products that are nutrient deficient. 

Listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI), our compost is ideal for organic producers in the Fraser Valley Regional District and beyond. It can also be used as mulch topping to add that desirable black topdressed appearance to planting beds. Topdressing of this product on your lawn in early spring or early fall will provide you with lush, green long-term growth as the nutrients are released into the soil.

Made from locally recycled organics, including kitchen scraps and yard trimmings, our product is safe for use around children and pets.


Flower & Vegetable Gardens: Spread Boost Compost 5-10 cms (2”-4”) over the area and work into existing soil, water thoroughly.

Backfill Planting Mixes: Make hole 2-3 times the size of the plant root ball. Mix 1 part Boost Compost with 3 parts of the soil removed and replace underneath, around and on top of root ball. Water thoroughly.

Dressing Established Lawn: Spread Boost Compost on existing lawn without burying completely. Rake in gently and water thoroughly. 

New Lawns: Spread 2-5 cms (1”-2”) of Boost Compost over area to be seeded and blend into existing soil. Add seed as directed. Water thoroughly until germination is complete.


Planter mix can be used for your garden without any blending. You can plant your seeds and transplants directly into it.

Boost is a trademark product of Veratec

Veratec, previously Yardworks is our compost sales / marketing partner.