Gore Cover Experience

Metro Vancouver Gore Cover Project

This trial project was designed to simulate the operation and performance of a full scale Gore Cover Composting Facility treating a 50% food waste mixture. Approximately 260,000 lbs of waste was composted by the process producing a stable high quality compost after only two months. Odour sampling was conducted during the trial demonstrating more than a 95% reduction in ammonia and VOC's.

Following the trial, Metro Vancouver issued a report recommending the sole sourcing of the Gore Cover System as the lowest risk technology worldwide. The Metro board elected not to follow the recommendation of staff and undergo a competitive bid process with 21 competing firms. Net Zero Waste was selected as the preferred proponent for the eastern region, and a 60,000 TPA contract however Metro Vancouver elected not to move forward with our site as we were located on ALR lands. Our 10 acres of unused farm land, sits vacant today and the 50 acres of greenhouses surrounding these lands (previously used to grow tree seedlings) remains unutilized. Our proposal would have captured heat from the compost process to sustain a vibrant greenhouse business on this site.

Chemainus Bio-Solids Gore Cover Project 

Initially started as a trial, a series of batches were tested with various wood waste products until the correct mixture was determined. Modifications to the mixing of the pile and the best operational practices were also made during the processing of the demonstration batches.

Following the trial, Coast Environmental and NZW constructed a small indoor 8,000 tpa facility with small covers and a single aeration trench. A small scale winder was developed to be used in combination with the loader to place and remove the covers.

Environmental Experience

Hawaiian Earth Recycling – Food Waste and Biosolid Composting Facility, Honolulu, Hawaii

Net Zero Waste worked as the design lead for an engineering consortium led by AECOM and supported by design firms local to the island. 40,000 TPA of Biosolids and 80,000 TPA of food waste processing capacity will meet the needs of the island for the next two decades. Downstream farming models exist for this unique market with “up scaling” of compost value to reach boutique markets from sod production to food growth on this 100+ Acre site. [$20 million, 09/2010 - Present]

Peninsula Composting – Full Scale Gore Cover Installation Training and Commissioning, Wilmington, Delaware

Expected to be the first of many Gore Cover Systems located on the US East Coast, Peninsula Composting is already planning a biogas expansion in 2011. Scope included installation of the aeration system, programming of the control units and commissioning of the communication systems. Quality control on the existing construction was also provided resulting in design improvements to the 160,000 tpa operation. [$30 million, 06/2009 - Present]

Salish Soils – Fish waste composting facility, Sechelt, BC

Developed in partnership with the Sechelt Nation, NZW trained staff; developed feedstock mixes and provided project engineering and support for project start-up and expansion. A design which places the gore cover system inside of a building allows the facility to be located close to town without negative environmental impacts. This project is processing high concentration fish waste mixtures so as to develop a boutique nutrient rich soil amendment for bagged distribution [$2 million, 09/2010 - Present]

Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts, Consulting Services for the Development of the Westlake Farms Bio-solids Composting Facility, Kings County, California

Front end design and planning was completed for the District's plan to build the largest composting facility in the world with the potential to handle up to 1,000,000 tpa of waste. Involvement included a review of the partially completed internal designs so as to ensure conformance with the Gore Cover Process Model as well as cost optimization for facility construction based on recently completed Gore Projects. Scope included: Site Review and Discussion, Staffing Plan Review, Facility Layout Design Options, Operation and Maintenance Considerations, Equipment Recommendations / Pricing and a Construction Information Package (including detailed installation photos).

NZW involvement saved millions of dollars of project costs through design optimization. The result was significant changes to many areas including the leachate design, conveyor layout and a significant reduction in the amount of infrastructure required for the site. [$80 million, 02/2009 - Present]

Cape Breton Regional Municipality, Development of an Organic Waste Management Facility, Sydney, Nova Scotia

Dynamic Compaction site densification was completed on this decommissioned landfill site prior to the construction of a 10,000 tones/year Christiaens Controls Compost Facility. Designed to receive mixed organic waste including SSO, seismic and thermal load case considerations were the focus of this design. [$12 million, 10/2006]

Correctional Services Canada, Rockwood Institution Leachate Remediation and Containment, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Project manager with the aim to optimize facility layout and processing alternatives while minimizing capital costs. Site investigation consisting of a borehole drilling program an electromagnetic survey and groundwater sampling was required to determine the extent of on-site contamination. A remediation plan and assessment of contaminant presence and migration from the compost area was provided. Detailed design and cost estimates for infrastructure upgrades were provided resulting in improved throughput and process control [2005-12/2006]

Integrated Municipal Services, Niagara, Ontario

Engineering project manager and construction manager for the development and implementation of a new Gore Cover facility. Key considerations were made for year round (winter) operations including in-slab heating [$10 million, 05/2005 - 10/2008]

City of Spruce Grove, Solid Waste Program Evaluation and Preliminary Facility Design, Spruce Grove, Alberta

Reviewed existing operations at the city, and developed a cost model which incorporated all aspects of the cities solid waste management program. This analysis provided the city with the data necessary to evaluate the cost impact of the design, construction and operation of their own composting facility. [01/2006 – 04/2006]

Region of Peel, Engineering Services for the development of an Organic Waste Management Facility, Peel, Ontario

This project involved working closely with our construction project partners in a design build effort focused on controlling capital costs while maintaining the performance specifications. Implemented a Christiaens Controls bunker style process technology as a centralized composting facility capable of processing (primary phase only) up to 60,000 tones/year of organics. [$8 million, 05/2005 - 08/2006]

City of Abbotsford, Consultant Services for the development of an Organic Waste Management Facility, Abbotsford, British Columbia

Engineering Project Manager and Construction Manager for the development and implementation of an Organic Waste Management Facility. Phases of work include pre-design analysis, public consultation, design, tendering, construction management and commissioning services. [$5 million, 05/2005 - 11/2006]

City of Vancouver, Consultant Services for Infrastructure Review – Vancouver South Transfer Station, Vancouver, British Columbia

Engineering Project Manager for a solid waste management transfer station design. Due to heavy increases in traffic at the site operational considerations were a focus of the design including traffic management and modeling. Options for upgrading the facility were considered as were the advantages and disadvantages of a demolition of the existing structure with the construction of a new facility when determining the best option moving forward [Total Project Value $12 million, 05/2005 - 04/2007]

Saipan Waste Management Pacific Drilling J.V., Marpi Landfill Gore Cover MSW Densification Project, Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

Engineering Project Manager and Site Engineer for preliminary design, layout and planning of a 40,000 ton/year Municipal Solid Waste densification composting facility. Unique site challenges such as the remote location of the island, extreme weather events (rainfall & wind), a fractured limestone sub grade and a cliff constraining one side of the site resulted in the development of unique design features. [$8 million USD, 04/2005 – 2006 Project cancelled prior to construction]

Cedar Grove Principal Operations Composting Facility Expansion, Maple Valley, Washington

Engineering Project Manager and Site Engineer for the design, procurement and construction of an 80,000 ton/year Gore cover expansion to an existing 120,000 ton/year composting facility. Managed all aspects of design including site surveying, grading, stormwater, utilities, civil, site layout, structural, electrical, and leachate design. This expansion will include the removal / decommissioning of the existing facility and design optimization of the Gore cover technology. [$10 million USD, 10/2004 - 8/2005]

Cedar Grove Composting Ltd., Gore Cover Composting Facility Expansion Phase II, Everett, Washington

Engineering Project Manager and Site Engineer for the design, procurement and construction of an 80,000 ton/year expansion to an existing composting facility. Once completed the new facility was capable of processing more than 200,000 tones/year making it the largest of its kind in North America. Design optimization across all areas was focused on cost reduction and improved operating efficiency. Concrete surfaces were replaced with asphalt where possible, mix designs improved and electrical distribution was optimized with wall mounted multiplex cabinets. Refined installation procedures incorporating previous experiences drastically reducing construction schedule while allowing a reduction in concrete thicknesses and reinforcing steel quantities. [$8 million USD, 02/2005 - 06/2005]

Cedar Grove Composting Ltd., Gore Cover Composting Facility, Everett, Washington

Engineering Project Manager and Site Engineer for the design, procurement and construction of an 80,000 ton/year composting facility (the largest of its kind in North America), which is composed of multiple stormwater collection ponds an independent leachate collection and distribution system and included the installation of over 10,000 yards of concrete. [$12 million USD, 02/2004 - 10/2004]

Beaver Foods, Accommodation Complex, Alberta

Project Manager for a design-build SBR wastewater treatment plant including the design and construction of a pump house and reservoir. Project controls manager for a 1500-man accommodation complex. Completed project ahead of schedule and under budget. [$13 million CAD, 1999-2000]

On Site Facility Review and Operational Investigation, Multiple Locations

Preformed field review and investigation into the following sites so as to understand the options available to prospective clients seeking composting expertise. The relevant technology used at each site is shown in brackets (). Edmonton Co-composter (Bedminster) and Biosolids (Gore Cover) Facility, Carney’s Waste Systems and UBC In-Vessel Composter (Wright Environmental), Chilliwack Avian Flu Chicken Composting (Ag-Bag International), International Composting Corporation (Orca Drum), A-1 Substratum and Hamilton SSO Composting Facility (Christiaens Controls), Banff WWTP (Christiaens Controls / Bio-solids), Cedar Grove Maple Valley (CH2MHill – Aerated Piles), IPS NYC Facility (Siemens)[2002-Present]

Various Small Scale Projects, Studies and Technology Reviews

Technology Review for the island of Jersey (England) on the use of the Transform Compost System (2006). Investigation into turning equipment, mixers, and aeration systems was completed including site investigation at numerous operating facilities (Guelph Wet / Dry facility, Cedarwal Compost Facility, A-1 Substratum Mushroom Composting facility, and the Artex Fabrication Yard).

Detailed Cost Estimate for the Gore Cover Technology, Belkorp, Vancouver (2006). Completed a multilevel engineering estimate for the Gore Cover technology including quantity take offs and the application of unit installation rates based on current construction data for the Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Transfer Station Technology Review. Completed a review of a wide range of transfer station technologies including but not limited to the City of Hamilton Community Recycling Centers and Transfer Stations, The City of Guelph Transfer Station, The City of Halton Transfer Station, Airport Recycling and Transfer Station (Snohomish Country), and the Snohomish County’s SW Transfer Station in Mountlake Terrace.


Sea To Sky Soils Inc. Compost Facility Development

Net Zero Waste partnered with a local operator to establish and permit a successful compost facility which now processes commercial food waste from Whistler and will begin to process curbside SSO from Squamish in the spring of 2015. This operation includes the production of micro-greens and at the source collection from select local producers. Restaurants love the concept of utilizing delicious locally grown micro-greens made in part from their own food waste, for “cradle to cradle” recycling and the highest end use possible of nutrient rich food waste in the region.

Powel River Regional District / Bowen Island Municipality - Compost Facility Feasibility Analysis

Net Zero Waste worked with both of these communities in 2012 and 2014 to aid them with local site investigation and the development of a capital and operating cost estimate for a small scale operation. Both of these locations are implementing a competitive review process in late 2014 and will aim to have a facility built for local recycling in 2015. While these regions have limited tonnages of organics available for recycling due to their populations, existing disposal options include exportation off the island & sunshine coast which elevates disposal costs due to the high cost of ferry transport. The result is that small scale processing is possible above $100/T while still providing savings to the community.